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Pinterest Mythbuster #1: Microwave cleaning

This is one of those Pinterest hacks that appears EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I open the app, and for a good reason: Microwaves are filthy, no matter how clean and careful you are, they always find a way to get tomato sauce all over (even if you didn’t heat anything with tomato sauce… Welcome to The Twilight Zone!!).

I clean my microwave every week and it only takes 5 minutes, here’s the before (oh the shame)

I know it’s not SUPER dirty, but I do clean it every week, what did you expect?? FYI I’m a clean freak and that’s enough to make me lose my sleep, but I’ve used this cleaning method in a really dirty microwave (someone thought it was a good idea to microwave an egg) and had the same results.


First, mix 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar in a microwave safe container. 

Second, microwave for 5 minutes and let it sit with the door closed for another minute. In the meantime have a snack, because YOU DESERVE IT or if you haven’t gone grocery shopping like me just have a glass a water (boo hoo)


Look at all that steam, all that condensation… Like a Britney Spears music video fantasy.


Now swipe everything with paper towels and wash the glass tray. Wipe the outside with a clorox wipe. No you don’t have to stop the microwave one minute before it’s done unless your baby is sleeping (like mine).

That’s it!!! Easy, fast, cheap. This Pinterest hack is a THUMBS UP. Have you cleaned your microwave this way or do you have a more efficient way?? 



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