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Happy Birthday to me!!

Hey!! Guess what? today is my birthdaaaay, woot woot!! and I thought it would be cool to write about this past year and what do I expect from the new one. Someday I’ll come back to this post to see what changed and what’s still the same.

My 27’s were a roller coaster of emotions. Being a new mom has been overwhelming but rewarding, I’ve never laughed this much in my entire life, my daughter brings me so much joy. There were hard times, like getting through perineal repair surgery (read about it here), but the good times surpass the bad ones.

Looking back there’s one word that keeps coming through my mind: BLESSED. I feel blessed for having a loving and understanding husband, who’s not only the best husband and daddy in the world, but also my best friend (I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s the truth). Blessed for having that little angel by my side, bringing me joy even with a poopy diaper (excepts when she kicks me, I have a future soccer player). I believe she has a secret way of telling me she loves me that only I can understand. I might sound crazy but hear me out, sometimes she stares at me with such focus and then she blinks rapidly a few times until I say “I love you too” then she stops and smiles. She owns my heart, I’m about to cry just writing this. Even though there are times I feel like I’m about to lose it, those tiny moments between the two of us, when our eyes cross and we stare at each other for a few seconds, are what keep me sane.


I started doing hot yoga once a week to have some “me” time, at first I felt so guilty for needing time for me, away from my family, what kind of monster would willingly leave her daughter for an hour?. Well, I took me a while to understand that I need some time to miss her, we  are together 24/7 and between motherhood and keeping our home in shape it was consuming me. Having that hour for me, letting my mind go, focusing on my breath has been life changing. I return home renewed and with more energy to love my family.

My plans for today are pretty much doing nothing: no cooking and no cleaning, maybe just tyding up around the house because I really don’t like mess. Other than that I just want to play with my daughter, eat anything I want (bye diet, see you on Wednesday) and catch up on TV shows. My husband’s gonna pick up sushi and ice cream for dinner, and that’ll be our little date night, I couldn’t love the idea more. I don’t need a big celebration, or a million happy birthday messages, the only things I want I’m blessed enough to have them everyday of my life.

What do I expect for this year? I want to be stronger, manage my time better, blog more often, but most of all, watch my little girl grow and hold on to those memories. I want to be the best version of myself in order to be a better mom for my daughter and a better wife for my husband. I want to keep discovering happiness in little corners of my life, those places we usually forget to look up.

I have laughed and I have cried but most of all I have learned so much this year. I’m finally getting to be where I’ve always wanted to be. There’s still much more to learn, but I’m not afraid of the road ahead, I’m excited to explore it. Here’s to 28!!


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