Confessions of a tired mommy

I was trying to write a follow up on my postpartum story, unfortunately the heater in my daughter’s bedroom is broken and we won’t be able to fix it until Monday. That means she has to sleep on the pack n’ play in our room and she’s not thrilled about it. I put her down for her afternoon nap but she won’t stop crying.

I made some popcorn to eat while I was writing but now I’m stuffing as much popcorn as I can in my mouth before I go pick her up. If she sees the popcorn she’ll cry the whole time I’m eating it and of course I can’t give her popcorn yet so there’s my dilemma.

I almost choked finishing my popcorn but you gotta to what you gotta do. On my way to pick up my cranky, tired little girl, wish me luck!!


Confessions of a tired mommy

My little girl has a cold, she has a runny and stuffy nose but thank God no fever. It all started last night so I haven’t slept well, neither has she. I’ve tried everything!!! And when I say everything I mean it. I just put her in her crib and left the room, she’s not crying but she’s not sleeping either, I think she’s just overtired and cranky. Of course I want to run and hold her until she falls asleep but I already tried that and it didn’t help, so now I’m listening to the baby monitor, feeling anxious and defeated, thinking “What am I doing wrong? Do all kids get sick this often?” Because I feel like she’s getting viruses ALL.THE.TIME. This is hard…

Confessions of a Tired Mommy

I’m sitting on my couch, listening my toddler sneeze, I think she might be getting a cold and I’m panicking a little bit, and googling “How to cure my one year old from a cold that she’s kind of just getting but not yet but I don’t have the energy to care for a sick toddler for second time this month” and google tells me: Give her plenty of liquids….. Ummm THANKS FOR NOTHING GOOGLE. I was expecting something more like: Rub an onion to your child’s chest while singing Cumbaya with the sun behind you. Jesus take the wheel!!

Ps. I’m not sure what and “aside” post is so…..